Did You Know…

Previous “did you know” facts posted on the website homepage and employee portal. A new “did you know” is added weekly on Mondays.


  • Transition of FSCM/HCM/Hyperion training will be managed by CT&D.
  • There is an electronic signature within the approval workflow of each module.
  • Training for MDConnect will be available pre & post go-live
  • Employees can quickly access frequently used transactions by adding them to favorites
  • Managers will be able to complete actions (i.e. approve, push back, deny absence requests) from one centralized location


  • When students register for lecture with a “C” (lab component), they are automatically registered for both, lecture and lab. They cannot directly register for the lab because these are set as non-enroll class sections.
  • E-Check option for payments is now operational and available to students.
  • Students on academic suspension or dismissal in either end of Spring 2016 or Fall 2015, must be manually term activated for Fall 2016.
  • Career Program Plan (CPP) is the hierarchy whereby a student’s Academic Structure is identified.  Career is divided into Undergrad, CE, PSAV, or CPP. Program under Career is BA, AA, or AS for Undergrad. Plan under Program is the Major.
  • MDConnect brings a new format for academic terms, which is only a four digit field. The 2nd digit of the calendar year is dropped (2016 becomes 216) and the last digit is the specific term within the calendar year. Spring is coded as 3; Summer is 5; and Fall is 7. For example, Fall 2016 will be 2167, Spring 2017 will be 2173 and Summer 2017 will be 2175.
  • If a student self-registers for CEPD (Continuing Education) classes they must pay immediately or enrollment will not be successful. If MDC staff registers the student, they will have until end of the day to pay or they will be dropped from all unpaid CEPD classes.
  • MDConnect Campus Solutions does not have an automated process to merge duplicate records. This is a manual process, but we are expecting less duplicate records due to the search match functionality in MDConnect.
  • Addresses will be standardized and validated against USPS to support the reduction of undeliverable mail through the add-on product Clean_ADDRESS.
  • Session codes have been reduced to less than 15 to allow for standardization and maximize room utilization.
  • Classroom utilization will be optimized with the use of 25Live!
  • Class reference numbers will be called class numbers and will NOT be a unique number, as it may be reused every term and attached to a different class.
  • MDConnect will now identify Virtual College as its own Campus.
  • MDConnect uses service indicators to provide or limit access to services for an individual. At MDC the more common term is “hold”. Unlike the old system, service indicators can be associated with reasons, to further define the reason for the “hold”.
  • MDConnect will now identify Virtual College as its own Campus.
  • Admissions will go live in May 2016.
  • Application to the College for credit classes is only online.
  • Students will use MDConnect to register for Fall 2016 classes


  • Timekeepers will enter time in MDConnect for non-exempt employees.
  • Hiring process of Student Assistants will now be handled by Human Resources; Financial Aid eligibility will continue to be determined by Financial Aid office
  • Exempt employees will only report exception time through Absence Management
  • Only College employees will have access to view and apply for internal job postings
  • All College employees will have the same pay date
  • Employees will have 24/7 access to view and update personal information


  • Travel & Expense will be online and available to all employees in self-service.
  • Invoices from suppliers should be going directly to Accounts Payable
  • All budget transfers will go to the Budget department or Controller’s office for final approval
  • Petty cash reimbursement will be submitted online (manual form no longer accepted) and funds will be direct deposited
  • Employees will request travel authorizations online, form (P2) is no longer rquired