MDConnect Project Phases

The MDConnect project functions as a continuous improvement cycle that moves through distinct phases: Vision & Plan, Design, Build, Deliver, and Operate.

Project Pillar Phases GraphicVision and Plan Phase

  • Define objectives and align the project goals to MDC’s infrastructure, values and mission
  • Develop a detailed action plans to accomplish the project

Design Phase

  • Design the organizational communication and training
  • Design security and technical interfaces
  • Finalize requirements and begin configuration

Build Phase

  • Configure and test the designs that were developed in the Design phase
  • Develop the application and prepare the validation scripts
  • Prepare training and communications
  • Establish the security and controls

Deliver Phase

  • Execute tests of process, systems, training, and security that were defined during the Build phase.
  • Once the application and other materials have met the quality criteria, it is ready for deployment

Operate Phase

  • Execute the system and perform actual business operations in the new system
  • Once deployed, the support team gradually takes over the maintenance and enhancement of the applications