Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does MDConnect have time out limit?
As long as you are actively using MDConnect it will not time out.  If there is no activity in 20 minutes the system will timeout.

Will changes be automatically saved?
If you have entered data in the system, MDConnect will prompt you to save your changes before navigating away from the webpage. Important reminder: DO NOT use the back button on the internet browser.

Will the student ID number change and will students need to get a new MDC identification card?
All students will receive a new 10-digit student ID number. Only new Fall 2016 students will receive an ID Card with the 10-digit number. Current students will not need a new ID card. You will continue to use your current ID to access services (e.g., library, parking garage).

Since the system is “web-based,” can I approve leave or do other activities from home or electronic devices?
With VPN, some functionalities can be done from home, however VPN does not work with iPhone, Android, or tablet..

Will there be a super preparer role?
No. You need to leverage your backup.

Does the training environment mirror production? 
Yes, the Training environment mirrors production.  You have the same access as in production.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
You can call the Help Desk at 305-237-9999, your supervisor or the Change Ambassador (Campus Knowledge User) on your campus.

How do we get people who may not have access to computers (custodians, public safety, etc…) to send us time amendments in writing?
As managers and supervisors, we need to help them make this transition. There are many options to get it in writing: send an email from their personal account from home; write a note for example.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. ERP tools share a common process and data model, covering broad and deep operational end-to-end processes. (Retrieved from Gartner IT Glossary.)

How can the College community stay informed about the project?
Students, employees, and partners can stay informed by visiting the MDConnectinfo website. Email with any questions or feedback.

How will staff, faculty and students learn to use MDConnect?
The College will support end users by providing timely information, training, and ongoing support. Access information on the MDConnect Training Workshops, MDConnect Training Materials, or the MDConnect Student Website.

Will there be an electronic signature?
Yes.  There is an electronic signature within the approval workflow of each module.

Will there be sections in the system to write comments?
Yes. Notes are supported within different MDConnect modules.

Do the UPKs include business processes?
Yes, UPK’s will reflect the College business process.

Student IDs and Employee IDs—will student employees have only one EmplID?
Yes, there will be only one id number assigned.

Since it is web-based, do you have any concerns over hacking?
MDConnect is in the MDC environment with secure authentication.  The College has taken all measures to identify and mitigate all risks related to MDConnect.

What is the impact of EMPLID?
EMPLID will replace the MDID at the College; however new cards will not be reissued for current students and employees.

Will data in Odyssey be brought over to MDConnect?
All student data will be migrated.  Much data from the finance and human resource areas will be migrated but some historic data will be available through a separate system that the College is developing.

Does VPN work from a tablet to access PeopleSoft?
The current VPN requires a browser and OS that support Java client. Most tablets will not work.

Why is the new ERP system being implemented?
MDC’s Odyssey has reached its maximum capacity of service and support given its age, the number of students MDC serves, and how much has changed in higher education over the past decades since it was originally implemented. The College has elected to replace Odyssey with Oracle PeopleSoft, transforming the future of MDC. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project will integrate all functions—student, human resources, and financial—onto one administrative platform, MDConnect.

Who is involved in MDConnect?
There is a core team working on the project, comprised full-time functional and technical experts from across the College. Many subject matter experts (SMEs) from across all departments and campuses have also been asked to provide their expertise and help in designing the system, processes, and procedures. Additionally, the College has partnered with Deloitte as the system integrator. All MDConnect pillars are comprised of both MDC and Deloitte resources. As the new system goes live, everyone at the College will be impacted by MDConnect (the new ERP system).

What are the benefits of MDConnect?
The goal of MDConnect is to implement PeopleSoft seamlessly and improve services to students, faculty, and staff. There are many anticipated benefits of MDConnect:

Service – Improve service; provide users with faster response time and more efficient processes

Security – Protect MDC’s data and improve system security

Decision Support – Improve data quality; expand data collection; support decisions through powerful analytic and reporting tools

Innovation and Growth – Add new services quickly and without incurring substantial costs

Campus Solutions

**CS Student Self Service**
Click here for Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will the Assigned Advisor work in MDConnect?
students will continue to work with their currently assigned advisors in the new system.

What does the reference number look like in MDConnect?
It’s now called class number. It’s a 4 or 5 digit number.  The class number combined with the Term makes the class number unique.

Can a student view multiple terms?
Yes. The student can select the term they want to view.

Can you search for classes by location?
Yes.  If you enter additional search criteria, you will obtain more specific/refined results.

Can a student see ‘full’ classes?
Yes. The student would need to uncheck the “open classes only” check box to see full classes.

Can a student use the Waitlist feature?
No.  The Waitlist feature is not available at this time.

Will student classes be dropped if not fully paid?   
Yes. The College does not take partial payment of fees.  If all fees are not paid by the due date all unpaid classes will be voided for non-payment.

Will a student be able to view their transcript status?
No. This feature will not be available for the June Go-live. It will be considered for future releases.

What is the swap class feature?
A student no longer needs to drop and then add a class. The student can locate the desired class and select the swap feature.

Can Admissions and Registrations be used on a mobile phone?
The entire MDC student Portal website is mobile- friendly using the browser on the device.

What is Career, Program, and Plan?
In MDConnect, every plan will align to a career and program.  For example, an undergraduate student going to MDC for his/her associate degree in biology would be recorded in the MDConnect as Career = Undergrad, Program = Associate, Plan = Biology.

When can a student apply for graduation online?
This feature will be available in late 2016.

Are there any changes to the Fee Invoice/Schedule of Classes?
There are enhancements to the Fee Invoice/Schedule of Classes.  Refer to the Fee Invoice/Schedule of Classes Job Aid available at MDConnect’s student webpage.

Will validated schedules show on the Fee Invoice/Schedule of Classes?
Yes. Once Fee Invoice/Schedule of Classes are validated, the total due will show a $0.00 balance.

Can a student still obtain enrollment verification for insurance purposes?
Yes, the student will still continue to use the existing process.

Will Student Self Service show student job postings, research, and/or internship opportunities?
If it’s a class it will be listed. If it’s an opportunity it may not be listed.  The student should contact the instructor for classes with research or internship related opportunities.  Students may also go to Advisement and Career Services for job postings and internship opportunities.

If you have all the class details, can you register a student for multiple classes at the same time?

Will it have coach/mentor information?
Yes, please refer to the Advisor section.

How different is MDConnect Student Self Service from MyMDC?
It’s still the MyMDC portal. You’ll log into the system using the same credentials. The Student Self Service features/system has simply been enhanced and upgraded.

**Faculty Self-service**

What additional information is provided when the Class (link) is selected?
A more in- depth set of information is provided such as class information, course description from the catalog, credit type, and number of units (formerly referred to as credits).

What type of access will Faculty and Chairs have in FSS?
Faculty and Chairs will have view and data entry access rights.

Will Continuing Education classes be listed in MDConnect?

Will the Adult Education registration process change?
Adult Education students will continue to still register for classes at the front desk.  Adult Education students must be admitted prior to being enrolled in classes.

Will the Continuing Workforce Education, Recreation and Leisure registration process change?
No. It is recommended that students use self-service through ACE to register, but Continuing Education staff will still help students at the front desk.

Can students view classes in ACE?
Yes. When a student registers through ACE, the information is recorded in MDConnect.

 How can I get information about Quick Enroll, Quick Admit processes and other Continuing Education Professional Development training?
Campus Solutions community training workshops and published training materials are available to view on the MDConnectInfo website. All faculty / staff who enroll and register students need to complete training to learn how to navigate in MDConnect. If you have been invited to attend a workshop, please take time to complete the required training. It is important to understand the new processes and procedures and have the opportunity to practice navigating in the new system.

How will textbooks be certified?
There is no change to this process.  Faculty will use the web-based Academic Management System located on the employee portal.

Can you see how many times a student has repeated a course that is not assigned to you?
No. You will have access to view the unofficial student transcript.

Are there any current functions that will not be available in MDConnect?
Yes. The following functions will not be integrated into MDConnect: 1) Academic Management System, 2) Textbook certification, 3) College-wide Course Selection System, 4) Faculty Schedule Application, and 5) student Feedback.

Will the drop for no-shows / attendance confirmation process be available in My Teaching Schedule?
This feature will be available in August. Faculty / Staff will receive training in August.

Will the gradebook in MDConnect show student grades?
The gradebook feature will not be available in MDConnect.  For managing student grades faculty may use Blackboard or their own personal gradebook. Faculty can access BlackBoard from MDConnect’s Learning Management link located on the Faculty Center under the My Teaching Schedule tab.

Is there the ability to view enrollment history using a reference number? 
To search for classes that you did not teach, you can use the Class search feature which will show the prior 3 years.  All classes converted to MDConnect now show a new class number; you will not be able to search by the old Odyssey reference number.  However, through the Faculty Center, instructors have the ability to view all classes that they have taught including viewing the student roster information all the way back to Fall 1999.

What happens if a student registers for a component class?
MDConnect will automatically enroll the student in both components as they are tied together in the system and the student is auto enrolled in the lab and/or clinical. It will indicate if it’s a face to face, virtual, blended, etc.

Can you view the faculty schedule in the student Portal?
Yes. Faculty schedules are accessible via the College’s MyMDC Student Portal > Academics > Faculty Information. Access the site using this link:

How will task points be paid? 
RPAs and Astra – Odyssey and Astra thru summer.

Will transfer records from other schools still go through advisement or can we make the changes ourselves?  
Transcripts and the evaluation of transfer credits will still be processed through Transcript Processing and Evaluations in the Office of the College Registrar.



Did I understand correctly that all requestors can enter reqs and budget transfers for any department at our Campus or does the budget manager delegate this as needed?
Requestors can create requisitions, KK and GL transactions for any Department within their Operating Unit (Campus).  The transaction will then go to the appropriate Budget Manager for approval based on the chartstring used. (Please note, when we first went live, transactions were not routing correctly.  That issue is being resolved.)

When do we get our department numbers?
Your department Budget Managers already have the chartstrings—you can reach out to them for this information. You may have had multiple QUALS but it may have been consolidated into a single string. The chartstring spreadsheet is available on the MDConnect Support website –

**Travel Authorization**

Will T&E all be online?
Travel & Expense will be online and available to all employees in self-service.

What is a Travel Authorization?
A Travel Authorization allows employees to submit a request prior to arranging travel, with estimated costs which will require approval by their supervisor and the budget manager of the department incurring the cost.

Who can prepare a Travel Authorization and/or an Expense Report?
Any Employee can prepare their own Travel Authorization and/or their Expense Report.

Can a requestor create a Travel Authorization and an Expense Report for another employee?
Yes.  As a requestor, you will need to be delegated the entry authority by the employee for whom you are preparing.  If you prepare for more than one person, each person has to delegate you the entry authority for you to prepare for them.

I’m trying to prepare a Travel Authorization but am getting an error on the dates. What is wrong?
Travel Authorizations need to have future dates.  Remember, you are seeking approval to go on a trip in the “future”.

Who is HR Supervisor on Travel Authorization approval?
HR Supervisor is direct supervisor.  “HR” will be removed from supervisor approval since it’s  confusing as to whether it’s Human Resources department or direct supervisor.

How many approvals for travel? 
There are 2 approvals for travel, Budget Manager and Supervisor.  For many employees, the requirement is for additional signatures.  In those cases, the form must be printed, the appropriate signatures collected, and then the form must be scanned and attached to the travel authorization.

How will my Approvers be notified to approve the Travel Authorization and the Expense Report?
An e-mail notification will be sent to each approver when a transaction is ready to be approved.

Are there changes for student travel information?         
The Travel Authorization form will take the place of the current P2 form, the Cash Advance form will be separate from the Expense report, where today they are combined on to one manual form.

If additional approvals are required what do I do?
Both the Travel Authorization and the Expense Report have a “View Printable Version”.  Print the form, have the additional approver(s) sign the form, and scan onto the appropriate form as an attachment.

Areas such as Student Life, Athletics, any department travelling with students, International travel, etc., will need to follow this process in order to have the additional approval signatures on file.

What is the purpose of the Comments field on the Travel Authorization and Expense Reports?
You can add your comments to support your documentation on your Travel Authorization and Expense Report. Use this field for meal reimbursements by entering the Start Time and the End Time of your trip. You should include the Travel Authorization Number and the Expense Report Number for cross reference.

Who will have access to prepare Cash Advances?
Only areas that have faculty/staff travelling with students can prepare a cash advance form.

Since funds are encumbered, what happens when the request is canceled?
 Go to travel authorization and cancel the request.

Where can I find the mileage chart for traveling between campus?
Procedure 3400 Travel Reimbursement includes the mileage chart for between Campus travel as well as all information related to in-District and out-of-District  travel reimbursement – meals, tolls, etc.

**Expense Report**

What is an Expense Report?
The Expense Report is used to detail actual expenses reimbursable to an employee. As related to a travel, any expense paid on the College P-card or paid directly to a supplier by the college, should not be listed on the expense report.

Is an Expense Report used for travel only? 
No, an Expense Report is also used for any type of employee reimbursement, such as Local Mileage, and reimbursements that used to be available through Petty Cash (which is no longer available at Bursar’s).

Are all original receipts required?
Yes.  Even though receipts need to be scanned and attached to the document, you must forward the originals to the Travel and Expense Dept. for audit purposes.  Attach a print screen of the Expense Report so we can validate the receipts.

What happens if I lose my original receipts?
If receipts are lost, the expenditure will not be reimbursed unless an official duplicate receipt or approved certification is submitted.

Why can’t I enter fractions of miles on an Expense Report?
Miles can only be entered as whole numbers. As a rule, round to the nearest whole number (0 -.49 = round down; .50 -.99 = round up).  Travelers are expected to document mileage claimed from a recognized internet map site and to specify whether the miles are one-way or round trip (specify at the description line by the expense).

Will there be checks issued for Cash Advances or Expense Report reimbursements?
No, checks are not an option for employees for T&E transactions.  The payment will be made via a direct deposit to the employee requesting reimbursement.
If your pay is sent to HigherOne, you will need to open an account at a bank. We cannot send funds to HigherOne from Accounts Payable.
If you have deductions set up in Payroll going to an account  other than where your net pay is deposited (i.e., Credit Union savings), the reimbursement from T&E will be deposited into this alternate account.  It will not be deposited into your net payroll account.

Will reimbursements (T&E, petty cash) be direct deposited into our paycheck?
Reimbursements will be a separate direct deposit.

**Accounts Payable**

The invoice is in the system, why hasn’t the payment been processed?  
There are multiple reasons as to why a voucher may have not been paid. The following are the most common:

The system is set by default as ‘Net 30.’ This means the voucher will be paid on the 30th day after the invoice date. In some cases (with a valid reason), it is possible to pay vendors immediately.

If the invoice has a P.O., it is possible that a receipt number has not been created. It is the department’s responsibility to inform Receiving when an item is picked up or delivered directly to them by the vendor – bypassing Receiving. Receiving forms are sent to the Receiving Dept., not to Accounts Payable.
There may be problems with the budget of the given Department/Account which will need to be resolved by the department.
The voucher may be on hold due to missing/necessary information.

Is this effort going to speed up our payments to vendors?
Payment to suppliers will be issued 30 days from the invoice date. This will allow payment in a timely manner.

What information/documents are needed for AP to process an invoice?
A Purchase Order and original, itemized invoice with payment information. Statements, Estimates, Quotes, Service Tickets, Work Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Packing Slips, Bills of Lading, etc., are not considered a valid invoice and will never be accepted as payment documents.

How many invoices can be paid on one voucher?
Only one, each invoice must be entered as a separate voucher in the MDConnect system.

What are the minimum requirements on an invoice?
The following are the minimum invoice requirements:

-Vendor Name
-Remit To Address
-Valid purchase order number and MDC contact name
-Invoice Number
-Invoice Date
-Description of goods and services
-Quantity delivered by line item and cost per item
-Total amount due and payment terms

I sent my receiving document and invoice to the Receiving Department.  Why hasn’t the invoice been paid yet?
Never attach an original invoice to a receiving document; the receiving document goes to Receiving and the invoice goes to Accounts Payable.

Can a supplier pick up their check?
No, checks are disbursed directly to the supplier to the address specified on the voucher on the “payments tab” under “remit to:” in the payee field.

**Budget (KK & GL)**

How do we see transactions in an account?  For example: in Odyssey I can look at actual expenses month by month and I can see entries that are credit cards, reqs, petty cash.
The Budget Overview page will give you this information.  User will be able to drill down to the transaction level.

What will happen to consolidated quals?
The quals may be consolidated to one department, but the chartstrings will remain unique.

Will we get an e-mail confirming approved KK transactions?

Does a budget transfer post immediately?
It is not immediate as it has to go through budget affairs for approval.           

How long does a budget transaction sit in the queue if the approver doesn’t approve in a timely manner?                
There is a five day window and a pay period window.


Will there be any changes to the purchasing approval process?  Specifically, purchases less than $4999.99.
The threshold amount for approval for requisitions remains the same. The Budget Manager will be the first approver.

How can we see if a requisition has been make into a PO, if the PO is open or closed, which invoices have been paid, see check numbers in the event suppliers say they did not receive payment?
This information can be found in the Manage Requisitions page.

How do I find an existing requisition?  Do we go thru Manage requisitions? 
To find a requisition that has been entered, you will need to go through Manage Requisitions and search by Request State.

Will invoices be coming to campus or directly to business affairs?
Invoices from suppliers should be going directly to Accounts Payable.


Will student assistants be required to have a background check? Is there a discounted fee?
Yes, Student Assistants are considered employees and as a result will be required to complete a Level II background check.  The fee for the background check will be covered by the College.

Is a grant employee considered full-time employee?
If the employee is hired into a Grant funded full-time position they are considered a temporary full-time employee.

How will we make sure recruiting activities don’t stall?
There is a hiring checklist and hiring guidelines to help the recruiting process move along quickly.

Will we need to redo forms every year for student assistants?
Once the student is in the system, it will recognize them on an annual basis, though there may be additional forms that will need to be completed.


Will all payrolls be prepared on the same date?
Yes, all payrolls will be prepared on the same date.

If you are full-time non-exempt and work over 37.5 hours, will comp time be documented on the time sheet?
Yes. As with current practice, pre-approval is required to work any hours that would be considered for Comp Time. At the time of the online request for approval, the employee will be asked to indicate the desired category for processing the hours if approved.

When manager inputs leave for employee, is employee notified? 
Employee receives an email with leave detail.

What if the supervisor is out of the office and can’t approve the leave request?
You can enter leave retroactively; it will still need to be approved, though—if your supervisor is still out, it will roll up to the campus leave administrator.

Can my supervisor approve leave using her phone?
We are not going mobile at this time, due to IT constraints. However, if you have VPN access, you can access remotely.

Can secretaries still submit faculty leave requests?
Everyone is responsible for submitting their own leave requests. If they don’t do it, department Chair will need to intervene.

How is LWOP entered?
Employee will not be able to select LWOP.  If employee is in need of leave and do not have the hours (or FMLA…), your supervisor can initiate an unpaid absence.

Will there be a de-escalation on the leave types?
Employee can take sick and vacation to cover the time, but will need to submit separate requests.

If you are working but not at your campus, how do you submit hours?
You need to keep track of your hours at other campuses and submit when you return—it is not an absence because you are putting in hours in a different location.

If they miss a punch as a timekeeper, can we put it in for them?
We encourage you to reach out and confirm with them in writing (email) first. You should not just enter time for them.

What if they don’t respond to the email in time?
Timekeepers have access to the last 4 pay periods and they can be modified. They will not get paid for hours that we don’t know if they worked.

When will we get the queries for timekeepers?
At go-live. I will be meeting with people to define these queries?

Can Time Keepers submit their own time?
Yes, however, timekeepers enter time for others through Managers Self Service and they enter their own time through employee self service.

Since the time machines are not functioning yet, do we need to request time sheets?
Yes. The employee will give it to you at the end of the time period—same as they do today.

We usually do payroll on Monday—do we have to do it on Friday?
We will work backwards from the new dates. A new payroll calendar will be posted on the HR webpage in early April.

Will student assistants be paid on the off week?
All pay groups will be paid on the same date.

Will  non-instructional employees need to move pay dates?
HR will notify employees whose pay date will change as we approach go-live.

Will there still be 26 pay periods?

Aren’t managers currently required to approve time for their employees?
Yes. In MDConnect, time must be reported and approved for all non-exempt employees or the employee will not get paid.  This will bring more accountability to the process.

Will there be restrictions of hours that the system is available? For example, can I work at 4am if I wanted?
The system will be available 24/7.

What happens if time is not approved?
If time is not approved by the department budget manager the employee(s) will not get paid.

Will paper timesheets be eliminated?
The current process will remain until Workforce (a companion project) goes live, then there will be a transition.

Will support staff be required to clock-in?
All full-time and part-time non-exempt employees will continue to track their hours as is currently done. There is a companion project that will change that process at a later time.

Currently, we document only time exceptions, will we need to document all hours worked?
In MDConnect all nonexempt employees will be required to report all hours worked.

What happens to the extra time exempt employees work during peak time?
Exempt employees may be required to work longer hours during peak time as determined by your role and management. MDConnect has no effect on this.

What happens when a chair (Budget Manager) also teaches under the same department?  Should she/he approve? At least once a year Chairs are required to teach. Is this a separate assignment?
The hours for classes taught by a Department Chair are approved by the Dean in Astra (and in the future will be approved by the Dean in MDConnect).


Will approvers receive an email notifying of transaction requiring approval? 
Approvers will receive an email notification of transaction in approval queue with link to the transaction.

Will email list all transactions requiring approval or an email per transaction? 
An email per transaction.

In the “worklist” we only see entries that have been approved, is this correct? 
The approver Worklist shows transactions pending approval.

Will there be tracking in the system to know where open processes currently sit?
Yes. Open process is tracked in each employee’s worklist.


If I don’t have access to MDConnect roles to do my job, what do I need to do?

To get additional access to MDConnect, you will follow the same process currently used.  You will need to submit your request by completing the appropriate access form. The forms are on the MDConnect Support website.

What security efforts are taking place?
Application security is being addressed with security roles based on position responsibilities.


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